Our Approach

Well, really.  Do you really need or want to know?

Let's start with my names.

My mother named me Wanda Violet when I was born. As  my life changed, I removed some other names that I had acquired along the way and stayed with what Mama gave me.

Other names I have or have had:
Daughter, Sister, Middle Child, Mother, Aunt, Wife, Grandmother, Teacher, Trainer, Director, Producer, Storyteller, and now, Weight-Crushing Power Lifter.

My favorite name, other than Mom, would be, "One Whom Jesus Loves."

Our Story

...and a little bit more.

But then again... there's not that much more. Well, not that I want to talk about or that you would want to hear. But I am grateful. So very grateful for you, for my breath, and for all the many unseen mercies that surround me and my family.