Night Lights

Last night, I went outside, well, it was this morning around  2:00 AM  to check on the fire pit to make sure the little blaze we had started last evening (working on that hickory tree we cut down) was out so that I could go to sleep without worrying.

Now, understand that I am not a lover of the dark. Find me alone in darkness, you will more than likely hear me singing “Jesus Lover of My Soul” or some other hymn of comfort. Flashlight in hand, robe wrapped around me with the other hand, I padded through the grass to get closer to the fire pit to confirm all was well.

Suddenly, something in the woods, just past the pit, caught my eye. My heart jumped. It was a light. “Who’s in the woods?” was my first thought. Then my eye moved to another light, maybe it was the blink of a car headlights, or flashlights or something. Then there were more, all over the woods.

It took only a second for my head to over-ride my heart when I realized it was lightning bugs. Never in my life have I seen so many. As a child, I would try to catch them but I don’t remember being too successful with that. I was truly stopped in my tracks at the site of all those lights blinking so quietly and softly all over in a little choreographed dance. Not only did they never bump into each other, they seemed to take turns with their illuminations. Polite little carriers of brightness they were.

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