On Being First

Somewhere, some expert said that the middle child is competitive. Odd. I mean, that word sounds edgy and assertive. Whereas the middle child is supposed to be the peacemaker, the pleaser, the sociable one, the team player, and the negotiator. But yet, because of that life-view that says they are not heard (like the first child or the baby), they search for ways to have a voice or to be seen or valued.

So, while the middle child might not be the most intelligent of the children (the researchers say), she will look for other ways to prove her worth. I am a middle child – a quintessential middle child. Consequently, while I am pretty much a nice person, I am very competitive. If the middle child is going to do something, he wants to not only do it right, but he wants to do it first. Sometimes those two desires aren’t compatible. Regardless, this middle child will try, as it is in my DNA.

It’s not surprising that those values inform my view of the world, too, even my perception of nature. So, I enjoy finding the “firsts”. The first dogwood blossom, the first sunflower or bean sprout, or the first vinca, as my picture celebrates, are all occasions to celebrate.

The pretty, pale pink vinca is not the most stunning flower on our property. Why we have amaryllises and agapanthas and even daylilies that make this little vinca a bit simplistic in its design. Oh, and I guarantee you that hundreds more vincas will be popping up that are far more vibrant and even much bigger.

But you know what? This one pointed her pale, delicate petals toward the sky and broke through the earth first, shouting at me this morning, “Hey, I’m first!”

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