Phone Call with a Grandson

I called my son.

The 11-year-old grandson, answered, “Joseph’s Answering Service.”

Knowing I had a cool moment here – I said, “This is the National Survey Group with questions. Is there an intelligent, well-spoken, good-looking young man in the house?”

“Yes, just a minute, and I’ll go get him.”


“Hello” (still the 11-year-old)

“Hello, our first question is, are you under the age of 16?”

He wisely said, “That is personal information so I won’t answer.” [Good Boy]

“Well for the purpose of this survey, the respondent has to be under the age of 16.”

“Oh, OK. In that case, I am,” he said.

“Well good, I will tell your parents that you were a very cautious young man.”

He comes back quickly with, “How do you know who my parents are.”

“If you are under 16, you probably still live at home, and more than likely with your parents, so we can follow-up here at this number.”

“Oh, OK.”

I pushed on, “The first question is: On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being ‘WHO?’ and 10 being ‘Why she is so rockin’ happenin’ – what do you think of your paternal grandmother?”

Pause on the other end, and I started to worry that I would rate only a 7 or something.

He came back, “I supposed I would have to say….. hmmm, an 11.”

Bam!  Survey over!

Paternal Grandma is puddle on floor.

Yes, he IS intelligent.

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